About Us

From the very first day Ocean Blue opened its doors, our number one priority has been to provide the local community in south London sumptuous Fish & Chips that is cooked with passion and served with pride.

From the very beginning we have stuck wholeheartedly to my Father’s simple principles that make us truly unique. We only use Fresh Fish that is caught within the British Aisles and delivered to us every morning. We feel that the taste of flaky, soft, Fresh Fish is unparalleled therefore, we would never consider using frozen fish.

Our Fish is strictly cooked to order so that each and every serving is 100% perfect. We feel that our Fish is too precious to be hanging around sweating in the hot box.

We use seasonally sourced potatoes making the produce not only taste better but also supports our local farmers.

We strictly use vegetable frying oil that is regularly changed, this gives our Fish and Chips a light feeling.